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This is ROOM

ROOM is the first manifestation of the Internet of Life™, powered by RealityOS™, a technology developed by The TMRW Foundation. It’s a metaverse of meeting places where real people love to meet, collaborate, create, or just talk. It’s the only metaverse that you can enter with a video presence of yourself.

Five reasons you should try ROOM
ROOM is a spatial 3D experience like no other platform. It will change the way you communicate.
ROOM is real
No cartoon avatars or VR headsets. You communicate with your video image - just using a browser and a webcam.
We protect your privacy
By generating a cutout of you, ROOM avoids transferring your background data. This way, ROOM keeps your data footprint to a minimum.
No need for extra gear
At the moment, ROOM works on any PC or Mac desktop using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. In the future, we will make ROOM accessible on more devices, too!
There is a room for everyone
We offer rooms of all sizes and settings for every kind of meeting. From a modern campus to a mountain cabin, a yacht to a sidewalk café; ROOM has it all.
ROOM helps the planet
Taking part in 3D video calls from the comfort of your home instead of traveling helps reducing your carbon footprint.