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An easy and free way to try Room​
Host meetings for up to 60 minutes
Have meetings with up to 4 participants
Great selection of free Rooms​
Group chat, file sharing, screen sharing​
Perfect for personal use, in a friends & family context​

All Basic features are included, plus:​

No meeting time limit
Host up to 16 participants​
Great for consultants and independent contractors

All Personal features are included, plus:​

No watermarks​
Available for commercial use
Ideal for SMEs & enterprises

All Pro features are included, plus:​

Standup and workshop room, with specialized tools integrated
Team management interface, with status & quick call option
Unified admin & billing
For custom use cases of any scale​

All Business features are included, plus:​

Customized feature set*
Customized rooms*
On-premise deployment
Frequently Asked Questions
How many participants can join a ROOM meeting?

The maximum number of meeting participants is based on two factors:

  1. The number of seats designed into each room
  2. Your subscription plan tier

For instance, the Basic plan has a limit of 4 participants per meeting. In turn, the Personal and Pro plans can host up to 16 participants.

The upcoming Business and Enterprise plans will also have a 16-seat capacity with special rooms and custom features.

The Founder’s plan that used to be available in our beta phase also supports 16 participants.

We’re working on increasing maximum seat capacities for each subscription plan.

How many people can use one ROOM Account?

This question is about account sharing, not about room attendance capacity.

Any user can send out multiple links at any given time. These links do not expire and could be used for recurring meetings – just not two meetings going on at the same time. Each subscriber’s account can only have one meeting session going on at any time; so, hosting multiple meetings at the same time with a single account is not possible.

What is the difference between the Basic, Personal and Pro plans?

The Basic (free forever) plan’s features include: meetings of up to 60 minutes’ duration each, choice of many unique rooms, and the ability to host up to 4 participants; group chat, file sharing, and screen sharing are included.

The Personal plan, perfect for friends and family get-togethers, builds on the Free plans' feature set, allowing subscribers to create unlimited meetings from many unique rooms with up to 16 participants. A "personal use" watermark is displayed during meetings. (6 EUR/ month)

The Pro plan, the de facto successor of the Founders' plan, includes unlimited meetings for up to 24 hours duration each, the ability to host up to 16 participants and bears no watermarks. (9 EUR/ month)

It bears to mention that the soon available Business and Enterprise plans are our offers for larger organisations.

What is RealityOS®?

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What happened to the Founders’ plan?

The Founder plan was a limited offer during our beta phase, during which time it was the only paid plan. Because Founders subscribers signed up so early in the process, existing Founders will be able to keep their subscription going indefinitely at the same rate and continue to enjoy all their bonus amenities until they choose to cancel.

What payment methods do you accept?

ROOM accepts credit card and PayPal payments.

How does the subscription service work? Can I cancel my subscription and how?

ROOM is a subscription-based service, which means that your plan renews every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time during your plan term to cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription.

How to cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to your ROOM Account.

  2. Click on “Settings” in the Navigation bar.

  3. Navigate to the License tab on that page.

  4. You’ll see a page with all the plans, much like the one featured on the ROOM website, except that each plan card will have a subscription-related button.

  • a. Your current plan will be marked by a “Current plan” flag at the top of its card. Its button will be marked “Cancel Plan”, and it will be blue (active).
  • b. To cancel your current plan, press the “Cancel Plan” button.
  • c. If you are a Founders’ plan subscriber, an additional plan card will display in the top right corner, enabling you to cancel similarly with a click of the “Cancel Plan” button.
  1. When you cancel, you will still have access to your subscription until the end of the billing cycle.

IMPORTANT! When changing plans, we will prorate the subscription costs.

For example, if you are on our 6€ monthly Personal plan and you are usually billed on the 1st of every month, then you execute a plan change to our 9€ Pro plan halfway through the billing cycle (in this case, mid-month on a monthly cycle – e.g. the 15th of the 30-day month), then you have already paid 6€ and used half of that (because you're in the middle of the month). So, when you switch to the new Pro plan which has a price of 9€:

The unused portion of their current billing cycle is applied as a credit, in this case: 6€ ** (15 days unused / 30 days total) = 3€ credit.

The cost of the new plan for the remaining billing cycle (i.e. the outstanding 15 days left in the month) is a debit of: 9€ (15 days remaining / 30 days total) = 4.5€ debit.

The final prorated cost of switching from the Personal to the Pro plan is: +3€ credit – 4.5€ debit = -1.5€ charge.

This above charge amount will be added onto your upcoming recurring payment amount. If you’ve downgraded instead of upgrading, you will pay less, of course.

So, the next billed amount would include the prorated charge combined with (added to) the payment required on the new plan for the upcoming month. Thus, the next billed amount would be for a total of 10.5€ in our example (9€ for the upcoming billing interval, plus 1.5€ for the prorated amount from the plan change).

Can I try out ROOM for free?

Yes! There are two ways that you can try ROOM out for free:

  1. The Basic (free forever) plan, which features meetings of up to 60 minutes’ duration each, choice of many unique rooms, and the ability to host up to 4 participants. Group chat, file sharing, and screen sharing are also included (a user can upgrade to a paid plan with more features at any time).
  2. Trial plans, of which there are two, and each represents a 14-day trial. Users that select one of these trial plans cannot later select another:
  • The Personal Plan: mainly for personal use, in a friends & family context, which has all Basic plan features plus no meeting time-limits.
  • The Pro Plan: mostly for consultants and private contractors, which builds on the features found in the Personal plan by omitting ROOM brand watermarks and is licensed for commercial use.

Regarding the trial subscriptions, there are no ads to view or in-system purchases to make – same as with the Basic plan.

The sign-up steps for the trial plans will prompt you for some very basic information including a credit card number, although your card will not be charged unless you wish to continue with one of the full plans at the end of the 14-day trail. To be clear: if you do not want your credit card to be charged, you must proactively tell us by opting out by the end of the last day.

You also have the ability to upgrade or downgrade a from a plan to which you are currently subscribed, at any time. The different prices/ plan rates are simply prorated for you based on the number of days that you have used from each plan.